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I'm deeply in love with humankind. A magical image is created with evocative love, atmosphere, light shaping, and real moments. I want photos that show off your beauty as a couple - your raw love…in it’s most natural, organic form.

Bring me along for the adventure of your day so I can capture all of the little things that make the day memorable - the ribbons on your bouquet, the tears that trickle down your fathers cheek, and the joyous laughter that fills the air. I want to capture your love in the most raw, vivid, ethereal manner imaginable.

I also just got MARRIED to that guy planting a kiss on my cheek over there <—-! Our wedding was on July 6th, and let me tell you, it was the best day of my life. Lucky for you, I’ll share my love for him with you and bring him along on your wedding day…all of my collections include a second shooter - and Casey is both a talented photographer, as well as a pro dress-fluffer, problem solver, and family organizer.

Let's go on a wild adventure together and create wedding photos that you will forever look back on!


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